"Ball Wars" Goddess Day Event Comes To Polar P

Stay beautiful and not be defined! On March 8th, the Goddess' Day event of "Ball Wars" officially came to Polar Star! This time, Polar Star has prepared a series of surprise benefits for you, such as the "Goddess' Day Ceremony", "Goddess' Day Journey", "Fairy Heavenly Palace", "Rose's Appointment", etc., and you can't lose your ranking for the Goddess Festival. Different activities allow you to travel among the galaxies as you like and enjoy exclusive honors!

Log in and get freebies. Limited legendary keywords and avatar frames will be given away.

On March 8th, the Goddess Day event officially kicked off. From March 8th to March 31st, " Ball Wars" prepared the limited legendary keyword "Jelly" for every friend with a girlish heart. "Sweetheart", you can easily unlock it for free by logging in to the game and completing tasks during the event.

And if you log in to bigo diamond buy for a total of 7 days from March 8th to March 24th, you can get super valuable gifts such as super-large magical treasure chest keys, limited avatar frames, etc. for free!

Online courtesy, massive golden mushrooms are given away for free

In addition to the cute legendary keywords, "Ball Battle" also prepares a lot of exclusive benefits for you. As long as you log in to the game on March 8th, you can directly obtain up to 99 "Super Large Wonderful Treasure Chest Keys". Friends who want to unlock many secret treasures should book their alarm clock!

From March 8th to March 10th, "Ball Battle" also prepared a large number of free golden mushrooms for the players. As long as you log in to the game and stay online, you can receive a golden mushroom red envelope every 15 minutes, up to 10 times a day. Who will win the highest reward "6666 Golden Mushrooms"? It depends on your luck.

Happy points increase, no points loss in ranking, three nights of non-stop fun

If you want to hone your gaming skills, then you absolutely can’t miss the no-point-loss ranking event from March 8th to March 10th!

From 19 to 21 o'clock every day during the event period, you can participate in this event and enjoy the benefits of not losing stars for up to five rankings and double protection points for up to five rounds. Whether you want to dominate the ladder quickly or experiment with new operations, you can enjoy the game in these three days without fear of overturning!

Exclusive benefits, wear the best skins for free

From March 8th to March 14th, "Battle of Balls" will also provide players with the best skins for free, so that players can choose their favorite skins as they wish and devour everything on the battlefield. opponent! If you are a fashionista, don’t miss this event and lock in your favorite skin!

Full of generous gifts, multiple special discount gift packs are all new

With the arrival of Goddess' Day, "Battle of Balls" has also prepared multiple gift packages for everyone to satisfy the shopping desires of ball treasures.

The daily 1 yuan special gift package is full of sincerity. With only 1 yuan, you can unlock a series of luxury gifts such as dragon crystals and oversized keys. The super-value recharge rebate activity is online, and all golden mushrooms in all grades will receive 1.8 times the rebate. The more you buy, the better the deal. In addition, from March 8th to April 3rd, golfers can also participate in the Sweet Goddess Day Tour event, romantically double brush with their beloved "TA", increase their mileage, and unlock a beautiful halo and a permanent epic keyword package.

In addition to the above major activities, from March 8th to March 15th, Goddess Day koi will also be drawn from many active ball treasures, and props such as 88888 golden mushrooms, 18888 dragon crystals, and Tatan cup spores will be presented. Let you be the lucky one that everyone envies!

Always blooming sweetly and never being defined. During this special holiday, Polaris has prepared generous benefits and multiple holiday gameplays for all friends who participate in holiday activities. If you want to get these holiday gifts, you might as well make an appointment with your beloved "TA" to participate in the corresponding activities according to your needs. Maybe while spending this sweet holiday, you can also gain the love of "TA"!






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