Analysis Of The Skill Form Of The New Character "Ni

Friends who are paying attention to "Resonas", a train-running business simulation business game, must have been discussing recently that after the 4.1 update to the new version, a new character "Nicola" was launched, which was nicknamed "Numerical Monster" by netizens ", I also drew cards to test the strength as soon as possible after the update, and provided some matching ideas for everyone (come and enjoy the European style! Draw four egg yolks at thirty!)

From the character introduction, it can be seen that Nicola is a back-row output character. The deck is composed of 3 red cards, and all skills have no other skill effects except the [Thunder Draw] entry, so it can be seen that her The output capability is very powerful. However, most players may still be confused, so let me analyze Nicola’s skill form for you!

【Electric switch】

This is a 2-cost skill. Without the bonus of Nicola's resonance or awakening effect , the damage is not optimistic. However, this skill has two stages of damage. If both stages of damage are triggered by [Lightning Thunder], the damage will be good, but the probability of [Lightning Thunder] needs to be superimposed. The advantage is that the skill range can cover the enemy's back row.

[Lei Li]

As a 3-cost skill, the duration of the drone is only 4 seconds, which is short, but the drone can cause two stages of damage to the target every second. If the duration of the drone and the probability of triggering thunder are increased, the drone will The attack speed and sustained output will be very impressive.

【with full force】

This skill costs up to 8 fees and has a CD of 45 seconds. It is necessary to draw yellow cards and all cards with thunder entries to cool down the CD. It also indicates that Nicola can only be used as the captain in the team.

This skill consists of three parts, namely twelve basic attacks and [Lightning Switch] and [Thunder] outside the hand area, so the strength of the ultimate skill depends very much on the number of its own skill cards. If Nicola's skill card has two or three [Thunder], she can use her ultimate move to recruit multiple high-attack speed drones to cause multiple damage to the target and trigger [Thunder].

As a new star in the version, Nicola is called a "numerical monster" for no reason. After resonance and awakening, Nicola's output has undergone a qualitative change. Let me introduce to you the team that is most suitable for Nicola~

[Lineup Suggestion-Current Version]

Nicola, Nayuta, Suen, Caroline, Xinghua

Suen is used to absorb damage in the front row. Star Flower's skills can enhance the attack speed of Nicola's drone. Combined with Caroline's [magnetization] effect, the team's cost recovery effect and output are very terrifying, and can be used to overcome high-level enemies. Difficulty level. Moreover, the drone summoned by [Lei Li] deals AOE damage, which is very effective when targets are clustered together.

【Automatic Team】

Nicola, Alkana, Kalaya, Caroline, Starflower

The automatic team with Nicola as the captain mainly highlights the stable strategy higgs domino topup . As long as the nanny with the yellow card is in the team, you can start the automatic battle. But the disadvantage is that whether the team can survive depends on whether Kalaya's green card skills can be used in time, otherwise there is still a chance of overturning when facing difficult levels.

So new players who have just entered the game have to ask! What if most of the characters in the above teams are not available? Don’t worry! Junior team formation is easily available.

【Novice Team】

Nicola, Ye Jue, Daisy Li, Caroline, Lin

This team can use Ye Jue's skills to change the weather, and use Caroline's ultimate move to create a output environment for Nicola, and set out to trigger thunder multiple times. But it is still lacking in terms of efficiency and survival. After all, I just entered the game, and when I don’t have the core character, what kind of bike do I need~

A secret aside, novice players can choose Caroline through the self-selected SSR props given during the sign-in event, and try to level up as quickly as possible to do the main mission. You can get Nicola in the current special train recruitment!

Finally, I wish everyone three consecutive gold medals and a perfect team!! ✧*。 (ˊᗜˋ*) ✧*






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