"A Single Spark Can Start A Prairie Fire" K70

On March 8, the "Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire" K70 Tribal Elite Training Conference and Gold Medal Lecturer Selection Camp officially opened. Partners from all over the world gathered at the Greenland Center, the tallest building in Wuhan, to start a 4-day and 3-night elite training and selection event.

At the meeting, Mr. Yuan, the head of the K70 tribe, gave an in-depth introduction to the background and market development. K70 Tribe was established in 2023. It is a "fashion and trendy all-area comprehensive operation platform" exclusively operated by Krypton Seven Zero Technology Group. It focuses on global art resource cooperation, IP incubation operations, digital trendy play community, young business incubation, and AGI application platform. Develop five major areas and build an "Internet + trendy entertainment" full-business integration model.

It is reported that Krypton Seven Zero Technology Group is a cutting-edge game development group in China. It won the honorary title of China's leading enterprise in the game industry in 2024. With the slogan of "Achieve Young Partners", it provides users with high-quality game products and services. Krypton Seven Zero Technology Group is headquartered in Wuhan, and has set up technology research and development centers in Hangzhou and Shenzhen, and marketing centers and studios in more than ten cities including Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Shenyang, and Hefei. The company's main business is games, and it is also actively deploying in the fields of Metaverse, AIGC, IP animation research and development, AR augmented reality and other fields. It owns more than ten games including Yunle Games and Lightning Era.

Mr. Yuan also said that K70 Tribe has always adhered to the brand concept of "Realizing Imagination and Playing the Future", focusing on field development and creating fashion game content with more "innovative dimensional imagination" to reach young consumer groups who love fashion and trendy games, and jointly create Better quality fashion for the future.

Now K70 Tribe has initially formed a brand advantage based on community operations, IP incubation, and game development. In the future, focusing on the vision of "achieving young partners", K70 Tribe will gradually build a complete industrial chain covering global young IP clusters based on co-creation and development, digital trendy gaming communities, production supply chains, and retail channels, allowing games, trends and Play experience truly enters the spiritual world of every young partner, serves and achieves the rejuvenation of partners, creates a diversified ecological chain business, and promotes the vigorous development of the game industry.

Co-create a sharing model to create a younger digital fashion ecosystem

Of course, in 2023, which is undergoing rapid development, the brand position centered on the k70 tribe has begun to take shape, but the volume, channels, resources, models, teams, etc. still need to be upgraded and broken in all aspects. Mr. Ming, the brand lecturer, gave a detailed speech on the new version of the K70 tribe’s business plan. Among them, based on national co-creation and technological innovation, the K70 tribe will work with young partners to create wealth growth.

In response to the three major problems, Mr. Yuan proposed an annual plan that is goal-oriented, point-to-point breakthrough, "one center, empowering the whole", opening up the full ecological closed-loop content, and evolving from content promotion to value interconnection. In the public domain, we have full template coverage from micro and micro to social media, making the brand image more three-dimensional through business experience and service system. In the private domain, we focus on building a unicorn youth community, encouraging players to output game experiences and strategies, and serving as team leaders. , opinion leaders create excessive auxiliary heating materials. Create a welfare center uid honor of kings , launch a points mall, and develop more linkages with commercial businesses such as Jiubao and hotels. Build a training center, create a professional promotion training mechanism, and empower partners to promote comprehensively. Create a member center to access more resource discounts and experiences; the experience center, O2O linkage, create more rare, early adopters, high-end VIP level experience salons to enhance user experience.

Create a base of tens of millions of fans and aggregate brand value services. Comprehensive empowerment, truly achieving success for every partner, and working together to create new heights in 2024!

High-precision multi-dimensional empowerment, collaborative resources to break the circle

Ad Brother, Honorary Dean of K70 Tribe Business School, analyzed the business model of the recently popular APP Lightning Era and answered relevant questions one by one.

Lightning Era is a young APP product developed by the K70 tribe based on trendy social applications and the technical team of a well-known listed game company. It integrates leisure and entertainment elements such as interesting blind boxes, life rights, and Lightning Monopoly to create a zero-threshold, high-interaction, and high-welfare collection driven by "cool fun". The number of registered users exceeded 300,000 in the first month of launch.

At the same time, in view of the problems that many partners want to join the game but have no way or method, as a strong tribe that creates an interconnected ecosystem of game value, the K70 tribe will never let its partners down. Led by Ad brother from the honorary college of K70 Tribal Business School, with the technical BUFF blessing of listed companies, and the super operation of top strategy companies, from 0 to 1, we will lead everyone into the game and break the circle.

In the next two days, ad brother will lead imo diamond recharge saudi arabia , the listed company's technology BUFF blessing, and the top strategy company's super operation. During the two-day core meeting from March 9th to 10th, we conducted in-depth exchanges and training for partners around the latest market trends and industry dynamics.

Strong selection for gold medal assessment, first batch of elite teams unveiled

The K70 tribe also conducted group assessments for this event, set up a high cash reward mechanism, and strictly trained and selected the first batch of elite teams. In addition to receiving certificates and bonuses for partners who pass the assessment, K70 will also create an exclusive value system for them, and multi-dimensional All-in will help every dream start.

This training provides systematic training for everyone from marketing, live broadcast, online promotion, team building and other aspects. The partners who participated in the training activities were very enthusiastic, quickly integrated into their respective teams, and actively communicated and spoke.

Comprehensive upgrade and innovation of the model, continuous explosion to create an ecological blueprint

This time, the mode gameplay has been completely revamped, and the K70 tribe has also announced major policies. Let partners enter the game with zero threshold and create high-yield miracles from scratch. The K70 tribe uses practical policies and resources to protect its partners and continues to create an ecological blueprint together.

As a strong tribe, K70 tribe has always been user-centered and strives to create higher value for users by introducing new technologies and new models. The mysterious policies announced at this event will make important arrangements for the development direction and future strategies of the tribe, and lead the overall development of the tribe to a higher level.

The establishment of the K70 tribe empowers and adds value to all participants in the ecological and cooperative system, not only meeting the spiritual and cultural needs of young partners, but also taking the initiative to assume social responsibilities. The K70 tribe will establish an e-sports fund and donate 1 million yuan to a public welfare fund in the first year to promote the healthy development of the e-sports industry. It will increase year by year to continue to promote technological innovation and social progress.

K70 has always maintained an attitude of awe and concentration. In 2024, we will continue to optimize and innovate with a stronger sense of mission and responsibility to create a high-quality service and truly "achieve every partner" !






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