A Handsome Man With Unparalleled Elegance And Honor Who

Football is a war without gunpowder, and everyone who steps on the field will fight like a soldier, but there is such a type of player who can dance gracefully in the fierce confrontation and inadvertently kill with a fatal blow, becoming a leader on the green field. A beautiful and dangerous landscape, the "Elegant Prince" Del Piero from the Bianconeri is one of the most representative ones. This week, he will make a surprise appearance on the green field of "Pro Evolution Soccer" as a booster player, once again showing fans the wonderful offensive art!

[The graceful and handsome man has unparalleled elegance, and his honors are worth his own weight in writing myths]

Fans who have witnessed Del Piero's wonderful performances on the court will never forget his calm and elegant style of play. He became famous at a young age and is known as the successor of Roberto Baggio. His technical characteristics are also in line with the legendary player. His predecessors are very similar: he has outstanding dribbling ability, excellent awareness of grabbing points in front of the goal, and his signature "Turin Rainbow" stunt is even more magical. Del Piero's gorgeous performance not only immerses the fans, but also often makes it difficult for opponents to parry. In the world known as "Pierro Zone", he is an unstoppable and invincible superhero, enough to lead the team to every game. victory!

For Del Piero, trophies have never been an unattainable honor. In the most glorious 19 years of his career, he devoted himself unreservedly to the team he loved and became the first player in the history of the Bianconeri team. A shooter. With 7 Serie A championships and 1 UEFA Champions League championship, he has created an unparalleled dynasty myth. In the national team, he also won the Hercules Cup, which symbolizes the highest honor, with the team. Time is a ruthless torrent, and the long years are enough to wash away and change some people and things, but Del Piero's honor for the team and the fans' love for the Zebra Prince will never fade away with time.

[Time can never erase the memories of those years, Prince Zebra returns in surprise]

Now, Del Piero, the legendary zebra legend, will appear on the green field of "Pro Evolution Soccer" as a powerful epic highlight player. He is already very capable in the real game, and he has also passed the game in the game. The data has been perfectly restored: in the default point-adding state after reaching full level, the highest evaluation of Enhanced Del Piero has reached 99 points, all attacking attributes have also received a 2-point bonus, and the ball control has reached 96 points. With a shooting score of 93 and a curve ball of 90, he was able to dodge and maneuver in the penalty area as if he was in no one's land. He also performed the iconic "Turin Rainbow" and won a stunning performance for the team. Goal! Paired with initial skills such as long-range curve balls, long shots, acrobatic goals, stop-and-shoots, etc., it is a comprehensive enhancement of Del Piero's scoring ability. Players only need to lightly swipe honor with their fingertips. of kings top up , the omnipotent zebra prince can be in your hands!

Elegant temperament, excellent skills, and innate leadership qualities are Del Piero's technical characteristics, and they are also the reasons why fans love this zebra legend. This week, "Pro Evolution Soccer" surprisingly launched the "Fengqi Apenning High-Gloss Special Agent", which not only brings you the opportunity to reunite with the legend, but also brings the legendary Del Piero into the team to become the team's most powerful player. key players, launching an impact towards the highest peak of victory!







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