"A Chinese Ghost Story" Mobile Game

Coinciding with Women's Day, the mobile game "A Chinese Ghost Story" will be officially linked with Fulifangsi from now on. Thousands of "light makeup" gifts will be given out for free, just to give thoughtful gifts on this festival that belongs to girls.

[The collaboration between "A Chinese Ghost Story" mobile game and Fulifangsi is officially announced today]

This time, A Chinese Ghost Story mobile game has teamed up with Fulifangsi, which defines streamlined skin care with "accuracy, effectiveness, and peace of mind" to prepare 1,500 bottles of full-sized pure cleansing oil for the majority of A Chinese Ghost Story players. The original price of a bottle of pure cleansing oil is free of charge. !

The cleansing oil in this collaboration has a watery texture, which can easily melt makeup and emulsify quickly. The amino acid cleansing oil is paired with 88% moisturizing beauty oil, which combines cleansing and nourishing, moisturizing and moisturizing. At the same time, no mineral oil, no additives, and zero irritating ingredients will also help Qiannv players clean without burden, restore their beauty, and take their appearance to a higher level!

"A Chinese Ghost Story" mobile game "A Chinese Ghost Story" mobile game The official announcement of the collaboration between "A Chinese Ghost Story" mobile game

[1,500 bottles of "Light Makeup" gift, you can get it for free when you sign up]

The method of obtaining the gift is also very simple. As long as you successfully register for the second phase of the 2024 National Style Culture and Tourism Plan travel photography event and pass the review, you can get a full-sized pure cleansing oil for free, with free shipping to your home!

At the same time, it should be noted that only Qiannu players are eligible to receive this linkage benefit. In order to ensure that more players can obtain the cleansing oil, the official will also set certain requirements for the account registration time and level to obtain physical rewards (number of registration days ≥ 30 days and character level ≥60)

As long as the player meets the above conditions and passes the registration review, the account will be revalued by 150 yuan this month and win this full-size cleansing oil!

In this phase of the national style cultural tourism plan, we encountered Xishuangbanna, which is like spring all year round. In the next phase, where will we go to experience the great rivers and mountains of the motherland? Here are 3 keywords for everyone to guess:

Keyword 1: sea

Keyword 2: Star

Keyword 3: Tears

The second phase of the Guofeng Cultural Tourism Plan will start hok top up in March. Specific information and participation methods will be gradually revealed in the future, so stay tuned!

Get rid of the restraints and get rid of the complicated bigo top up . There is no need to worry about your beauty, it will have its own radiance!

Once again, I wish all female players a happy Women’s Day and that they can always be blooming flowers in the three realms!

[About the mobile game "A Chinese Ghost Story"]

The new generation of national mobile game "A Chinese Ghost Story" is the official mobile game of the "A Chinese Ghost Story" client game. It has a client-level aesthetic style and character design, inherits the classic gameplay and inherits the traditional culture. The three worlds are immortal, and we will never be separated! A beautiful iteration of the wedding system of A Chinese Ghost Story mobile game, and the romance of the new Sansheng Lake is coming!

[About NetEase Master]

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